overdose of freedom

peaceful world without rules

quiet world without jeers

An intelligent world without idiots

But, is this a freedom you want?


Who knows

the intelligent might make the new rules

And no one will be free out of that nest

It’ll never be quiet and peaceful

Is this a freedom you want?



A world where no rules are made

Is this a freedom you want?


But somehow, you’re following that rule

So, is this a freedom you want?


Now, you’re insane

You feel like you’re in a freedom

But, somehow, you followed through the insanity

Is this a freedom you want?


Is this all that you want?

A freedom?


You seek for one,

but you are following that freedom

Are you even free now?



You are not.

Bounded to live, you are.

Waiting to die, you are.

19. Male. Malaysian. I made trash, and as the saying goes.. "One's man trash is another man's treasure." Also, I like vending machines. ?
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