Out of sight, out of mind


I am easily distracted.

Not amuse at most of things.

Easily get bored.

Cant be followed most of times.

My head is a disaster.

People who enters get drowned.

Of so much noise and chaos.

I wonder who’ll manage to win the cold breeze,

And thunder storm,

The sea rage,

And gets to the bay.

Save me from the chaotic mind.

Away from my demons.

The ones I love too much to let go.

Will I ever get to leave?

Will I ever able to let go?

These pools of emotions drowned me,

Yet Im still here,

Bathing in the same exact post,

Only to be drowned again and again.

Will I ever have the strength to pull away?

Will I ever have the will to do it?

These cold cold wind’s suffocating,

Strangled me off my will,

These thoughts are choking me,

But why am I here, still breathing?

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