Only Then

When you see the sunset,
Will you remember me?

When you see a couple sitting together,
Will you think what should we do?

When you see me in front of your eyes,
Would your heart skip a beat?

I’ve only like a person before but I am sure
that I’ve never love someone like you,

Knowing that I have so many flaws,
Will you love me a lot after you love God and your parents?

Seeing my first impression; wether it’s good or bad,
Will you adore me like you adore your little ones in your family?

I do not want to ask much;
Just to be loved and heard,
To have someone look at me in the eyes everytime I speak,
To have someone who is considerate when it comes to his family

But I am not sure,
I might not be able to see you,
I might not be able to show my love and gratitude,
Because I am never being in love with someone,
I am never being loved by someone other than my parents and God

But I really hope that;
When i meet you,
I am able to find my other good side,
To know that I’ve another worth value,
To know that I am deserve to be loved

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