One of a kind

Memories flickered into my mind as i saw him there
Those mirthful moments, so rare
It was really amusing, i swear
Yet there’s something I wasn’t aware
Had i thought of the consequences
Or give myself some spaces
It was sooner to assume
Daunted of getting the same wound
I was once enshrined by the celestial scent of his perfume
Passing by me, got me flying to the sky
My eyes, they can’t lie
I was enchanted that my friends could see it
Can’t he lend his heart a little bit
That splendid talent he got, so captivating
I used to look at him up there, mesmerising
Those beats sound so wild
Makes me beguiled for a while
Certain rhythms he memorized
Leaving me hypnotized
The astounding sound of joy
Every beat of it, he vigorously enjoys
In denial of this blooming feeling and i whine
Can’t deny that he’s so fine
Didn’t wish he’s mine
As my heart would probably change in time
I was just infatuated cause he’s one of a kind

sorry im still learning
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