It saddens her a lot.

Life seems a little bit unfair to her.

How well does she reacted to rejection?


“What do you want?”, he asked

“I want you.”, she answered

He left without saying anything

What’s that supposed to mean?


So, she continued living

Putting a little hope that her loves will be answered soon.



Giving the best is not enough

Fighting for the best will never been enough

Month passes by like a sprinter

Waiting, waiting and keep waiting

Will it be another hye or is it just a hurtful goodbye?

Should I or shouldn’t I?



She loves him, he loves her

But, he never showed

She put an effort but he never noticed

One day, he wanted to leave

She begged him to stay, he stayed

He stayed, but..

Is it for the love or because she asked him to stay?



Fate can’t be changed

She doesn’t believe in that

She tried so hard but

She got nothing in return

Sometimes, she felt that putting too much faith might hurt her

She started to lose the grip; mourn for everything that happened

Will believing in faith will change the fate that already fated?



He never showed it to the world

He rather kept the feeling alone, to himself

He don’t know what he needs to do

Should he confesses or just let it go?

He is so unsure about his feeling neither does her

Will she feels the same way as him?

Unsure thing is frustrating



Hating him on the day

Loving him on the night

Is that feeling or is it crazy?

Ain’t feeling inevitable?

It keeps coming but the worst part is,

It’s always leaving



Haven’t heard about you ever again,

The last good bye that we both were in was quite awkward,

Will you still remember me?

Or is it just illusion that kept coming through my mind,

Every dawn and night



I have seen a collection of your photos,

There’s always a woman in every pictures,

I know that they are just your friends,

But, have it ever crossed your mind that we were friends before?

Now, the strange feeling embedded and it’s hard to let it go.



‘Would you still love her the same?’

‘No, I never be in love with her.’


“Is he still loving you?”

“I don’t know, he probably would and wouldn’t.”


She is hoping for the love,

He is craving for the love,

But, both of them is letting those feeling fall apart.



I’m still struggling to heal this broken heart

My tears are pure and if you know how much they’ve had pour themselves for you,

You might be regretted with your past actions

The act of healing takes time

It can be healed but it takes a lot of time

To embark the pain

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