Of Things I Can’t Promise

This notes are just because.

I cannot promise to always stay pretty even when in the mornings, when i wake up. But I know I’d be smiling waking up beside you, my lifetime supply of eternal love.

I cannot promise to always stay calm even when things are alright, cause my panics don’t simply just go when I tell them to, it just don’t. Bear with me.

I cannot promise to always be rational at times even when I’m at fault. I don’t expect you to side with me. I just need you to be there when I admit my mistakes and still accept me afterwards.

I cannot promise you a lifetime of happiness. We’ll have our ups and downs together. And that’s the only thing I need, that we’ll go through it TOGETHER. Cause I’m sure, even when the tide comes crashing, with you, I know I’ll be fine.

I love desserts, warm smiles and bear hugs
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