…of the more appropriate question…

In my final exasperation, I asked you bluntly.

Do you still love me?

You averted your gaze, but a stolen peep gave me all the answers I needed. A look that only said one thing.

You knew that I knew. That deepest in our hearts, what we both were. Aware, cognizant, and conscious;

Of the more appropriate question –

Do you still only ever needed me?


μ• μ•„λ₯΄

An agnostic romantic, and a queer literature aficionado; including but not limited to slash fan fiction (especially Drarry).
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4 thoughts on “…of the more appropriate question…

  1. You’re so freaking fast! πŸ™‚ haha. Go sleep you night owl πŸ™‚

    and Sorry….. For hurting you πŸ™ (not really though. coz without everything that moves us, who are we other than some mindless androids?)


  2. Oh wow, am I being oversensitive coz this hurts a lot. It feels wayyy too familiar.

    You know I love whatever magic comes out of those fingers ?

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