Of Neon Shroud across the Vaulted Sky

Look to the heavens!

Pray tell, what you see?

Gone were the shining stars

Covered they be by fiery embers

Of a neon shroud across the vaulted sky


Words of a madman! Across the street!

He shouts! He screams!

But none pay heed

He stood alone amidst a bustling crowd

With a sign, saying, “THE END BEGINS.”




I came to this place, not knowing

With a pretense of a false hope; believing

That maybe, just maybe,

A salvation will be

Unrelenting; for-ever loving


From the gravel and trench

Where I was born

And where my heart and soul were torn

Afraid was I to remain unchanged

Thus I ran with my mind unclenched


A thriving city; it was alive!

With its neon lights and bustling streets

At first, I thought,

This is home

Until I gaze to stars; but they were gone


The stars and I; we were one

They light up the night

And the void in my heart

But gone were they across the sky

Hidden beneath an ember; a neon shroud


Then suddenly, it all went down

My eyes were opened

For I was blinded

By the city with its lights

But now the truth will be spoken


This city is a cage and no one knows!

A jungle; of rock, steel and concrete

Filled with the defiled and conceit

A question to all; but none answered

Poignant it was when the wind blows


The words of the madman echoes still

In the darkest alleys, in cold night’s chill

Perhaps one day, some will pay heed

But for now I’ll look up and there I’ll meet

A neon shroud, across the vaulted sky

Billie Jean. Not my girl.
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