Of another panic attack – 8Oct19


To be honest, I don’t know anymore.

What to call it. Anxiety?


Was I thinking too much?

Am I getting crazy?

I cant feel my leg yesterday.

After tryna gasping for air so hard,

I didn’t feel my leg.

I panic and make it even worst.

I don’t feel my hands too.

And my face felt numb.

I cant even word things properly.

My sister was next to me.

I knew she was scared too.

I was.

Like hell.

Cause this never happen.

Yeah I got panic over the months like usual.

But it never along with the numbness and clueless.

I usually know to breathe in and out. And I did.

What took my head off was the fact I didn’t feel my legs.

Thank god someone answers my call.

Thank god my sister was there.

Thank god I was home yesterday.

I wonder if I were alone?

I wonder what would happen to me if I were in Seremban,


Every time I thought I had the maddest,

My panic decides to show me that it can get worst.

I think im going crazy.

I think.

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