I can’t swim,
Not because I couldn’t,
But I choose not to,

I don’t like the way my mouth taste of seawater,
How it dried up my hair even hours after,
How it irritates my body,
And turns my eyes red,

I’m not fond of the idea of losing myself in the ocean,
Kicking my leg upon rough water,
Flailing my arms,
I’m afraid of being taking by the wave,
And suffocate slowly,
Bear in mind, I’m not afraid of death,
I’m afraid of dying,
I’m afraid of slowly losing conscious,
And yet here I am,
Sitting, missing the sea,
Because it reminded me of you,
And I hope it does to you, like what it does to me,
I try to subdue myself, and remember you whenever I’m swimming,
And for once I’m not afraid,
Because darling,
You’re an ocean I don’t mind drowning in.

Someone who writes a lot of poetry. Shit or not, they're mine. I'm also a lazy ass traveler. Stick and stone may break my bones, but staircases, they get me.
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