I passed through this sea of people.
Most of them with eyes glued to something.
I apologized for those feet that I trampled.
Nope, their eyes are still glued to that thing.

This is just another Thursday,
it’s just this time, I can’t force you to stay.
I wanted to write something mellow,
but my brain, it won’t work, too slow.

I see you in those books that they read.
I hear you in those songs that they played.
I’m tired and beat,
but my thoughts, they stray.

I used to feel mad, and then sad.
But I don’t know what I’ve become.
I can’t feel anything, I hope this is nothing bad.
After that whirlwind I felt inside, now I’m just…numb.



I write for the sake of my sanity. And I like unicorns. Well, who doesn't?
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