Not A Good Friend

My friend cut of our friendship
By only a mere misunderstanding
I tried to clarify
She wouldn’t give a chance
I am tired
Not because of our friendship
But because of myself
How can I tell her
I am not a good friend
I am jealous
She got her life
She got her own target
She got friends aside from me
But that jealousy is not harmful to us
I thought so
Didn’t know ‘this’ is coming
She poured her heart out
I was not given chances to speak up
She had been keeping it inside
I guess
But I am a human too
If she’s hurt, I am hurting too
By her words that is full of spike
‘I’ve been hurting since we became friends in the first place’
How can she say that
That totally hit me big enough
For me to crumbles
Still I tried mending the bonds
She didn’t even budge
I’ve got nothing to say anymore
Those years meant nothing
If its not even have a meaning in the first place
Easily cutting of the friendship
By only a mere misunderstanding
Plus minus of what she has been keeping inside
I am really not a good friend

Unproductive and negative kind of a girl, but is striving to be a positive girl before the end of the day, everyday.
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