Myself – Who’s buying?

I may have loved money a little bit too much. So I put myself out for sale. Guess what, people are buying.

I felt dirty at first because I found out later that I still value my moral over money. But I didn’t stop. What’s 2 hours of pretending to be someone I’m not compared to the things I can do with the thousands of money I’ve received?

Not long after, I became wiser. Why pretend? Why not find someone I actually like and gain something from it? So I did. I enjoyed it. I didn’t even feel the guilt anymore. No guilt no moral whatsoever. It was amazing.

But I know, I know what this is. There’s no future. The feelings can’t be there. I’m disposable. Things are going great, but for how long?

I should just stop thinking about the future and just enjoy the present; but I’m human. I’m greedy. I want it all. I want it all for myself. I want myself for myself.

Oh greedy, greedy me.



Of loss and regrets. Of love and death. Of me and you.
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