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I used to write
All my fight
All my tears, my fears ignite
When I try with all my might
To save the world and see the light
Don’t be afraid

Be strong, nothing’s wrong
Just be yourself tho you don’t belong
Stand out, stand tall
Don’t be afraid to fall
Get up and brush it off
Start again, do it all

And when you’re down on the ground begging god “Don’t let me down”
Listen close, can you hear the sound?
of heaven calling you from the up town
so save your soul

“Oh God, please don’t let me go.
I’m lost, I’m found and I’m lost some more
Don’t know how to find my way or where to go or whom to know
So, don’t let me go.”

“Hold my hand and guide me through
this wrecked land you’ve me through
Don’t let me stray into the sand
Be the Man.”

Then you find yourself thinking..

If god was true, He’d help me through the pain that spews
My heart’s in two
And three, and four,
and so much more.
So broken, too broken, you can’t see the floor
Just covered in nothing but the blood of demur
It burns the door but shuts me in
Behind closed fire

My mind’s on fire.

Yet I don’t burn at all

So, where is God?

In the light? In the sun? In everyone?
I don’t know anymore.
I just know
I’m lost
I’m gone
And no more.

Just no more.

I write nonsense, really. None of it makes any sense
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