There’s a boy named Charlie, 1944. He was convinced that he will win the war, without being in the war, we could do more, be more, love more. There was a girl named Lilian, she lost someone she love and she wanted to hang herself, all he left was his uniform and letters that turns to dust every time she cried. Love supposed to make you feel good. Ain’t it ? The bombs explodes over the cities, Anne Frank had to hide with her families and with strangers that grew into her hair till someone betray them and give them away to the nazis, where was love ? Love should save them back then, ain’t it?

Some love are made for the lies, some for the dreamers, some for you and me. Rest your arm and rest your legs, dont forget your heart. I’ve been here before, smile and break some more. No love today. And when she stood, she stood tall, I’ll make a fool of y’all, I aint got nothing left for you. I never look back, but there’s nothing up there for her. When it comes to love, there’s nothing left for us here. 

Was it easier for you to pack your bag ? To leave in the plane that afternoon ? I stayed in the station, decay. It’s I who wait, and it’s you who late again. Was it easier ? Was it different ? Was it the same ? What is it like ? When they go, they’re gone, they’re not coming back. And the kids you held in arms, the promises to protect them till you cant anymore, the moment you fell in love again. And you’ll walk away while I sat here watching you left like you always did. But your car wont stop this time cause I’ve broke the break and I’ll smile with a hole on my face, burn.

Lovely girl, wont’s you stay ? Stay with me… all my life I was blind, now I see. Keep me safe… here it comes the candidates, blue eyed boy, vote for him, the candidates. And oh my my oh hey hey… here it comes the parade, the big parade. The canvas will be covered with red and  oh my my oh hey hey here it comes the big parade, make ways for the big parade. And he’ll says, “I’m in love with a woman” that was his confession and the canvas will be covered in red. American band stand, singing songs for the lonely, I’ll sing every word together. Everyone’s clap for the big parade. So, lovely girl, wont you stay ? Stay with me. Oh my my oh hey hey…

I stood alone, the people were playing this song. New York enlighten me and I need somebody, I need someone I could trust. Like a dead sea, you told me I’m like the dead sea, the nicest words you ever said to me and yes, I was born to be a dead sea. Suitcase. Left. Just clothes. Her father died and she just fell, she just fell this time like the dead sea. I’ve been defeated and you’re the message but would you stay ? Would you stay for the night ? I’m like the dead sea, the nicest word you ever said to me, honey cant you see ? I was born to be, be the dead sea.

Oh oh oh when I was younger, I should’ve known better. I got a new girl friend, feels like he’s on top. You’ve been on my mind girl, since the flood. Heavens help the fool who fall in love. You got big plans and I got to move. You cant feel nothing small. “Honey, I love you” that’s all she wrote. Heaven help the fool who fell in love. 

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