My Muse

I didn’t realise this at first,

Only after few years later.

Only after I read back what I wrote.

Everything I wrote was about you.

Life after you.

Life with you.

And life before you.

And honestly, I was happy.

Reading about my life which its core centre was you.


And now,

After so long of not meeting you,

After so long of not talking to you,

Having a great conversation,

I have seemed so lost whenever I wanted to write.

I no longer found the will to write.

And everything that I wrote seems so meaningless,

And empty,

Like me.

Without you in it.


I wonder will I ever found my muse?

Will I ever find the will to write again?

I hope one day when I do write,

It is no longer about you.

I hope it is no longer about the longing I felt towards you.

If I cant even do that,

Then will I ever move on from you?


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