My Misztake

I’ve never like someone this much
I’ve never like the same person twice
I never write a poem for a guy
I never know him in person
And I never know if this is infatuation or love
That day
I couldnt get him out of my sight
He’s not my type
But he’s the one that I like
I’ve tried to get rid of this feeling
But I dont want to let it go
Tell me it isnt love
I dont want to feel pathetic
Yet Im still hoping
Even if I dont want to, I still do
I guess you do like her more
Than i like you
And I would just say “go for her”
Tell me I’m insane
It’s me who wield the pain
I realize this is too much
And I realize
One sided hurts
One sided doesnt have a chance
One sided might never last
And it’s my mistake, for expecting too much

sorry im still learning
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