My Hole of Pain


Had too many chocolates and drank so many red bulls for last semester’s exams and now I’m here at the dentist again. I’m about to be called any time now so I’ll just be cool and read all these dental magazines.

Oh, “Why tooth extraction hurts like hell?” in the front cover. Okay, this magazine must be internal circulation. I’m just going to put this down now.

Alright it’s my turn. Now lets see.. Ah, at least the assistant is cute. Wait, why is the dentist holding the drill already? Is my teeth that bad? Put that down, put that down…

Okay you’ve trained for this. just hold on tight to the seat handles, hold on tight.. relax yourself, it’ll hurt less. Remember all the trips you had when you were younger? yeah, this time it’s worse. Wait, why would I say that to myself? It’ll be okay. 

Oh my God I’m getting nervous. They’re cleaning all the shiny pointy stuff. Ah, this light is too bright. Why are they not talking to me? Are they going to surprise drill me from behind? Oh God I hope not. I don’t like surprises. Oh no not a good time to sweat… What is taking them so long?!

Ah, okay the drill is going in now………. Say your prayers dude… Close your eyes…

“Okay, done.”

What? That was like. Two seconds.

“Now gargle.”

He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time on this, but he finds joy in nothing else. Go easy on him.
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