My Best Man Getting Married.

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Here is what I wanted to write to my best man who is getting married.

You were once my wonder wall,

And now you are hers.

You were once my best mate,

And now you are hers.

The days and times we have spent together,

Seems like long ago.

And it really was.


As your bestest friend,

(you said that yourself, hee)

I wanted to wish you a long,


And blessed marriage.

May this becoming everything that you ever wish for.

I will always pray for your happiness,

Wherever I am,

Whenever I pray,

I will always pray for it.

Cause you,

Of all the people I knew,

Deserved it.



Thank you for all the time you wasted on me,

Thank you for the shoulder you lend me to cry on,

Thank you for the hands wiping my tears,

Thank you for the stupid jokes that cracked me out,

Thank you for all the warm hugs,

Endless nagging and advices,

Supportive motivation,

And everything else in between.

The amount of time we spend,

Kinda makes me feels like I knew you,

Like the back of my hand,

Hence I know,

You’ve made a great decision.

Though your girl hated me (lol),

I still wish the best for her and you!


ILOVEYOU! —–/@ (this is a rose btw. lol)




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