My 26 Life Lessons

Here I list down my 26 life lessons (and its free!!)

Aged 1- I cant even do anything myself so my mom took control all of it. Cherish your mother. Love you ma!
Aged 2- I am started to do anything by myself and constantly fail. Keep on trying and never give up.
Aged 3- I am doing anything to keep my feet on the ground. Do what you want to do (a good one)
Aged 4- curiosity becoming a big part in my life. Do explore.
Aged 5- year of stubbornness. I wanted everything in stores. Don’t mess with kids.
Aged 6- I met new friends from other neighbourhoods. They pulled my chair before I rest my butt on hmm. Again don’t mess with kids.
Aged 7- the first time attending school with a larger group of people and character. I was placed in the 4th ranked-class out of 7. School is scary and fun.
Aged 8- and im still in the same class rank lol. Couldn’t remember much but I did what other kids did. Friends with everyone, a little fight here and there. Develop your character.
Aged 9- I was promoted to 3rd ranked-class. Yeay. That’s all I remember.
Aged 10- got promoted again to 1st ranked-class. Yeay!!! Quite passive in class. Mediocre. Intimidate. Keep it slow and steady.
Aged 11- still in the same class. Starting to develop variety of emotionsss. Verbal fights are crazayyy. Don’t trust them at this age cz they’d tell everything to everyone.
Aged 12- final year in primary school. Lovebirds everywhere. Exam was kinda success (?) Prepare yourself for more challenging journey.
Aged 13- I was in secondary school. Lovebirds continued. Culture shocked bcz of the extra subjects. Met more new friends!! Explore more (academic subjects and the people).
Aged 14- was another mediocre year. GO HAVE FUN.
Aged 15- Another major exam for secondary lower school. Average result. Appreciate your struggle and hardwork. Reward yourself.
Aged 16- I chose science stream. Heart attack smh. The beginning always the hardest. Believe in yourself and do your homeworks!!!
Aged 17- Sit the deadliest exam in Msia, SPM. I did okay. You might compare yourself with someone better but please appreciate your effort cz you did so much already.
Aged 18- An adult who has no idea what I wanna do in life. Enrolled college. Gosh another heart attack at kmpp. Patience is a virtue.
Aged 19- Ended college. Bad result lol. Don’t be carried away by this. Many ppl suffer more than you.
Aged 20- Accepted to pursue bachelor degree at utm. Still clueless about the course I was taking. Don’t worry much just give it a try.
Aged 21- Starting to adapt campus life. Tbh it was okay just sometimes ppl get a little bit overboard with their own emotional state lmao campus drama. Self-control at all costs.
Aged 22- Trying to find a group of friend that really suits me. Found one. But be kind to everyone not just in your circle.
Aged 23- Towards my senior year. So many good things happened. Be grateful by reaching this far.
Aged 24- End of senior year. Started to missing everybody. You gotta accept that everything starts with hi and end with goodbye.
Aged 25- Accepted masters offer with zero intention. Dumbfounded with the nature of being a research student. Experience is the best teacher yall.
Aged 26- Completed masters degree. Alhamdulillah for these life lessons for making who am I today (there is more actually). And there is still so much to learn out there!!!

Thanks for reading m8!

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