motionless torture

get me out from here

here, resides the place that I suffer

it’s dark, so dark

I do not know how to breath

I speak no words

My feet brings me to nowhere

I witness something I’ve never see

The grief tortures me

I can’t move by my own

No one hears me screaming

Paralyzed, in reality, I am.


I’ll follow the lead with my feet

and maybe even crawl, or slide slowly

if that’s what I need to get out from the nightmare.


But someone, please…

Just wake me up from this nightmare

I beg for the light to shine on me

… maybe that would be the only way to resurrect me.


I wish to see a new day – the future.


[Another work that is inspired from a song]

19. Male. Malaysian. I made trash, and as the saying goes.. "One's man trash is another man's treasure." Also, I like vending machines. ?
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