I have this one precious soul, I bet we all have. One precious perfecto wonderful soul called ….Mother.

It doesn’t matter where I go in life, to have her around is all I ask for. Dad loves her. My sisters love her. Her friends love her. I love her.

I love how aware she is of things that I’m always unaware of. Growing up kind of life, to be exact. From the laziest girl in the house, she managed to change me to not be lazy anymore.

The love that she has given me is over the top, like theres no other tomorrow. Now tell me how can I survive without my mother’s love?

I am a superly-attached daughter. I am my mum’s number one fan that seeing her cry, makes me cry. & vice versa.

I used to be a spoilt brat. But knowing that mum’s getting older each day, same goes to Dad makes me stop being one.

Mum’s never tired of me and the others. I guess thats what mothers do; loving her loved ones unconditionally.

And then again, when it comes to relationship advice, she’ll always be the best person to look up to. She’ll love my other half like her own son.

And thats just her, my amazing Mama. The love that she has given me is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

If you asked me what I really want from Him.. there’s nothing but to let me meet Allah before you. I’ll ask Allah to take me before you because Mother, losing you is a no no.

Only Allah SWT knows how much I pray paradise for you and Dad.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for being the most amazing mum. You are the best of both worlds.

With love,

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