Moon ?

The chill gripping my bones, making me shudder to my very core. The moon shines ever so brightly, an eerie kind of beauty but beautiful nonetheless. Every time I take a step back to wonder at its beauty, the same thought keeps nagging at the back of my mind. Is the moon beautiful despite its flaws or is it beautiful because the flaws are too far away to be seen? The craters covering the surface looks like imperfections up-close don’t they? I mean, who would love to see cracking and rubbly holes? From afar the moon looks so perfect with a glow so luminous that their beauty is often captured and eternized into sappy love songs and romantic plays. Its perfect isn’t it? Maybe humans are just like that. We mirror the creatures and creations created before us. The moon is no exception. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say. Have you ever wondered why? Maybe its because just like the moon, you can’t see the flaws when you are separated miles apart. Maybe the distance makes you secure, gives you time to give the right respond and be the kind of person you want them to see you as. Fact is, when you are near there is nothing else about you that seems to get their attention, just like those craters, your imperfections and flaws become apparent to them. Nothing could ever hide these flaws, not diets nor make-up nor pills nor protocol classes. You can’t change these flaws but they can’t stop trying to make you. Human nature they say, to “perfect” things to their own desire. Well I say, things were created perfect as they are, humans are just so keen to find the imperfections that they can’t see the beauty that it is. Look at the moon, its perfect because it never changes its flaws no matter what people say.

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