I’ve made so many mistakes over the years, regretted so many things. Wished I could have went back in time, wished I could have done things differently. That feeling always shook me to my core, but, lately I’ve been thinking things in a completely new perspective for me. I am grateful for the mistakes that I’ve made, because finally I could see that life isn’t a one-way road. It has helped me to be more empathetic, more forgiving towards myself; which is something so vital that I’ve neglected. There’s this uplifting feeling that’s always with me until now, and it reminds me that without the mistakes I would have been gravely entitled, arrogantly prideful. The mistakes slowed me down, granted, but in saying that it had also allowed me to see things as they are; not as an ideal. I’ve finally given up thinking in retrospect and alhamdulillah, I’ve finally nourished my soul. Took me years to learn, but learn I did. “Something had to give, and something finally gave”. Alhamdulillah.

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