Missing Pieces

You once said when we were still flirting with each other, ” When others come to our life, it complete us. Like you came to complete what I have been missing. Sebab apa yang kurang dalam diri aku mesti ada kat kau. Same goes to you. We belong to complete each other.”

And now, weeks have gone since you left me hanging and I am still searching for your pieces to be placed into my missing pieces. I won’t stop searching for the pieces until time tell me why should I stop.

But baby, I am afraid of losing the idea of yours in my mind and my heart. That’s why I don’t wanna stop searching for the pieces.

Baby, I wanna give you few words from Michael Faudet and I hope these words touch your heart, “I wish I could apologise for falling in love with you. But I can’t. It would be like asking me to be sorry for breathing”

My dear, I will still waiting for you to complete the missing pieces of mine.

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