Mirror Mirror Part 1

Lana headed straight to her room with a harsh scowl decorating her face. Throwing her school bag on the floor, she pulled the edge of the tapestry hanging on the wall of her bedroom only to reveal a large, crystal framed mirror. The mirror that she had bought from the weird uncle peddling in Petaling Street last weekend. The mirror that changed her life.


Just a week ago, she was not this popular Lana. She did not have an iPhone 6, or a clique of gullible girls to rule at school. She was a wallflower, always hiding in the safety of crowds, and never once had anything to be proud of except for her grades. As she stood in front of the mirror, she is forever thankful God had changed her destiny by gifting her this mirror.


She opened her mouth and said the words of incantation;


Mirror mirror reflect and shine

Show what is now, ahead, behind

Mirror mirror black as pitch

Reveal all things before your witch

Mirror mirror on the wall

Awaken to your witch’s call


A swirl of smoke appeared to form in the mirror, until it settled into a figure of a faceless head.


“Did you summon me, mlady?”

“Yes. Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all at school?”

“As of today, famed is mgirl’s beauty and grace- but Ah, I see a newcomer, as gentle as a feather, as white as snow. Eventhough she dresses in rags and unfitting clothes, her fairness will outshine yours, my witch.”

“Which class will she be in?”

“She will register tomorrow at 8 and will make her entrance at your class sharply at 8.35.”

“Will she be a threat to my popularity?” Lana asked, gritting her teeth. She will never be dethroned, the title of queen bee will always be hers. This new girl just needs to go.


“This can go one of two ways, you can be popular alongside her, and she’ll be your best friend- or you can take her down and be popular on your own. I suggest the first way, m’lady. For she is the only true friend you will ever have in your high school years. The ones that flock you now are only there to secure themselves on the social pyramid you youngsters made up.” The mirror spoke with wisdom and hundreds of years of experience guiding young willful queens, dutchesses, princesses, and now Lana.


The mirror had a very long history, dating back to what it’s originally famous for. When Lana told it how it had been the star to a very famous Hollywood movie franchise, it felt delirious. The tale of Snow White and the evil Queen, the tale that changed kingdoms and history alike. The magic mirror on the wall, the catalyst to the whole story.


Lana mulled over the mirror’s advice. It’s words ring true, but the darkness in Lana’s heart, and all those years she spent alone without a friend made her consider the second choice to be more appealing. She did not mutter a word to the mirror, and simply replaced the tapestry over it’s large crystal frame, dismissing it. Even so, it is the mirror that can see what is about to happen, and it knows Lana will do the mistake it had wisefully warned her of.


Lana went to bed that night with a troubled heart, and a plan that she schemed in order to take down the new girl. All that’s left is to put it in action.




And the next day, was a whole different story altogether.




Disclaimer: This was originally an attempt for The Dongeng Project which I failed to meet the deadline because of uni preparation- and the story seemed to take a dark twist and I felt it was unsuitable for those young children. 🙂 I have now officially became a Uni Student, and am pursuing Foundation of Law in UiTM. Sorry for my long absence.

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