Minah bunga bunga

Minah bunga bunga?

Well, not me.

If you give me flowers, real flowers,

well “Gee, thanks!”

But if you say “Your eyes shines like moon, your smiles make the flowers wilt”

well, “Emm no, thanks”


Tapi, poetry girl bukan suka bunga bunga bintang bulan ke?

I said, “Yeah.”


Okay let me tell you something.

Bunga bunga bintang bulan, its pretty in poems, short stories,

Tapi, if you cakap em,

Itu bunyi “Fake.”


Honest said,

Girls are complicated. Well, siapa tak complicated? Guys pun complicated.

I’m so complicated until sometimes,

I barely know what I like.


But the thing that I know,

I do like bunga bunga,

I do like bintang bulan terang sinar alam,

Because it sounds nice


But not really in real life.

Wonder why?

Well, I guess, in life, i mean REAL LIFE,

what you need is reality,

not metaphor, not simile, not personification.

It just you being you and never will be the same as the stars, moon, or flowers.

And if you dream of fantasy, fairy tale,

You have poetry, stories, arts.

Where you can put your bunga bintang bulan in it,

To release your feelings, your dreams.

and then step backward a bit, and faced your reality.






Words will be enough.
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