Meteors & Galaxies

My lungs are like helium balloons
Floating me away into deep space
Perceiving earth as a desolated reality
Drifting towards an ephemeral gravity
I am fearful and astray

When I was lost in this overture
I espied a light up the blue azure
Lifting me up when I was morose
She was the sun, he was the moon
They saddled me in on a bed of cloud
Orbiting me like I am my own

An aubade from her, a lullaby from him
They whistled and sang to me
Paint the constellations on your eyes
Twirl with the splendor of the stars
Quench your thirst on the milky way
Take a deep breath and tell yourself
“You’ll be okay”

I swam through meteors and galaxies again today
Feeling quite better than I was yesterday
Feeling better than okay

History nerd who eats too much sushi and loves flowers.
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