menyesal tak ?

“menyesal tak?”

the question he hit me with when he knew i had to resit the exam . menyesal tak ? are you fucking kidding me ? i worked my balls off for that paper and you had the audacity to ask me if i regret ? as if i didn’t even try ?

bodoh . aku tahu aku bodoh .
perfect . aku tahu tu kau .
you don’t have to smear it all over my face .

never tasted failure before is it ? that’s right , because all you are is hard work and diligence ,
in your eyes failure means lack of work .

maybe you’re right .
but a day will come when you’ll work your fucking head off and then the results will just kick you to the dirt .

when that day comes , tanya lah diri kau .

menyesal tak ?

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