Shazlien Jamal

Tear Ducted

September 13, 2020 in Poetry/Puisi

Noises we heard,
Noises we felt,
Exchanged notions of two-pieced souls,
Possibly born to bond.

Noises we heard,
Noises we felt,
Became string quartet strung in mid-air,
Melodies sung to the bones we shook.

Fireworks at the very eve of New Year’s,
Fireworks at the very eve of lonely,
Of entangled emotions,
Shattered by a dulled splinter,
Buried deep on the palm of your hand.

People say kill the love,
But no, honey,
Love kills love,
But with another love; Defeats.

Solace, so laced

September 18, 2019 in Poetry/Puisi

I love a man who etched little valleys when he stretched his smiles,
A man who gives a friend to the silence of nature,
The eyes that behold painted and carved beauties,
hung on walls with sheltered edges,
A man who gives voices to the criers,
comfort to the loners,
Whose laughter sends across hearts,
And words across minds.

I love a man whose heart is bigger than his bones could bear,
Whose love he shares,
becomes the very thing he dares,
The sure embodiment he wears.

I love a man which words sometimes couldn’t express,
A love that goes beyond syntax and semantics,
Beyond heart pulsations and yearnings,
Conceptions and musings.

You are my solace,
But I don’t want you to be,
For something so fragile,
bound to impermanence,
Inevitably passing with time.

Solace me find the relief from within,
The impermanence I could bear watching its end,
That when it ceases,
I ceased with it.

But solace,
I can’t confront the lonely,
The decree that abides to being my own comfort,
Alas I would long to seek refuge,
Still in something or someone.

So lace, lace with me,
Be each of our own solace,
And be of each other’s,
Laced to a coalition.

So, la, ce,
The more I write it, the more I feel the word starts to lose its meaning.

So I couldn’t love you more than I already could.
Laying the love you deserve would stretched the whole universe.
Certainly the existence of your being is to love and be loved.

So, la, ce,
So love.

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