by robeiu

The tears that she kept

August 5, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

the tears that she kept;

this is the story of blue girl,
she loved being in the dark dusty room
so that she could hide the sad eyes, sad heart

looking out through the window
up to the gloomy sky,
are they sad like me?
wishing it won’t last forever, she thought
but she knew the lights were dead.
what a hopeless, helpless

there she is,
could not make it to see the rainbow
because she knew there would be no rain
as she kept the tears to the end.
– ra

by robeiu

Tongue of Hell

February 14, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

on this innocence night
i turned off the light
i covered my ears as in fright
as much as I tried to fight the devil inside
that swallowed me into the tongue of hell,
still in pain, I yelled,
and I fell.
– r.a

by robeiu

Little story ( Part 1 )

May 18, 2017 in Dan lain-lain

Hi. Just let me confess something.
Ok, let’s say I was an engineering student back in Secondary school – Form 4&5. So technically, I studied Physic, Chemistry & Addmaths – the killer subjects , yeah. And I hate those subjects. Lol I remember when I said to my chemistry that I won’t take any courses in university that relate to chemistry – the worst science stream subject ever. Oh, lets say that i actually meant the whole sciences! Plus, I actually bad in Engineering Drawing subject too. I failed it in my first exam in Form 4 – 37%. And get a lot worse in mid exam and the worst is i thought i was getting better! – 18% HAHAHA However, I was improving my self a little bit. from failing i managed to get D and C. See? I was such a terrible student. Curious my chem, physic & addmaths? Cut it short, never passed my chem, managed to pass my addmaths for once & my physic stayed D/E. Haha! But I was quite good in maths. I love maths- not addmaths. (Pssstt, i also never get A in exam, paling tinggi B je heh ) Bla bla bla.
And there is it. My SPM result came out. I got 4A-, 1B + , 1B, 2D & 1E. Ok i was shocked that time! I mean like wow I got B in Engineering Drawing. i could prove to my E.D teacher that I could be better! And yeap, I did it! Actually, I found it the paper was quite easy lah that time. I remember I said to my teacher.
“Teacher, I think I was doing good just now! It’s quite easy!” Said the excited me. “So, can you get B for me?” Asked my teacher, thought of challenging me. The happy me replied yesssuee.
Then I was home thinking back those conversations I had with my teacher. I mean, like why didn’t she just challenge me to get A? Why B? Did she doubt me? I thought. I just nevermind, whatever. Malas nak fikir. So yeap, just like she targeted me, I got B. Hahahaha honestly that time i could not be more happier! I guess my teacher was right. She knew my capabality . I couldn’t get an A, but I was grateful & happy enough. Alhamdulillah 😉
-To be continued –

by robeiu

A little time.

May 18, 2017 in Poetry/Puisi

In 3 days, I’ll be leaving my home…for good, they say.
In 3 days, I guess my daily life will be different. I gotta left all the fav things i used to do.
I need a little time.
I want to do eveything in just 3 days!
I want to meet my friends, go vacations with my family & spend myself reading good novels and watching movies!
Hell, even Game of Thrones season 7 haven’t came out yet!
I need a little time.
I want to fix myself. Even at home, mama always nags me for not caring my daily solat . What a brat me, i know.
Tell me, how am i going to survive this?
Waking me up without my mom screaming out of her lung ?
Washing my own clothes without using washing machine?
Always reminding me not to abandon my solat and recite al-Quran?
I’m afraid.
Afraid of losing myself.
I need a little time.
To fix my own life.

by robeiu


September 7, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

Do you remember when we used to ride a horse together?
When you almost fell down but I held you tighter,
Since then I promised to be your protector,
And treat you like you’re my master.

Do you remember when we carved our names in coastal land?
And you immerse my body in the sand,
You’d told me to be your Iron Man,
Since then I promised you that I’ll never let go of your hands.

Do you remember when we used to count the stars at night?
You’d wondered what the world would be like without sunlight,
I replied ‘Even in darkness, I’ll always make your day bright’,
You smiled and said ‘You’re my knight’

Oh sweetheart, I’d poured you with my kisses,
To make you remember our love phrases,
Under the eyes of heavens,
You’ll always be my angel.

by robeiu

I draw

September 7, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

Drawing is my favourite,
I draw what I see,
The moment I saw you,
I keep my eyes on you,
and I start to draw what I like
The moment when I know you’re the one,
I draw as you stuck in my mind
because I draw what I imagine
I draw your eyes, nose, lips
I draw every part of you,
I draw your heart,
I draw my love.

by robeiu

Tell them

September 7, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

Tell them about my secrets
when you promised me to keep it well
and you know,
you broke my trust for you

Tell them about my problems,
When you promised me to not tell anyone,
and they started to judge me
without knowing the truth
and you know,
you broke my trust for you..again.

Tell them I was happy,
I was okay,
When you know I was just pretending,
When you know I was faking a smile,
and you know,
I broke down in tears.

Tell them that you’re not the one,
when you know that you’re lying,
when i know you’re denying the truth
when we both know what is right, what is wrong.
and you broke my heart into pieces.

Tell them you created the rumours,
when they didn’t care anymore
when you know its already late
when i know i feel empty,
i feel betrayed.

When I know I no longer need you,
and you know that you regret of everything.

by robeiu

The sky

September 7, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

The sky’s so bright,
I’ll make your day so light,
I’ll make these feelings right.
The skies are blue,
You’re too precious to lose,
So let’s cuddle like we’re glued.
The skies are beautiful, so are you.
Hands on hips and kiss your lips,
Let me love you in never ending bliss.
The sky’s wide, so is our love
When we’re controlled by lust,
Falling into our own fantasies.
Let the sky know our authenticity love,
To keep our history
And enchoes in eternity.

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