by MeeraH

questions for you

March 27, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

Tell me,
how do I sleep with my heart feel like it’s going to burst?
Tell me,
How do I sleep with our memories flashback in my mind?
Tell me,
How do I sleep when I still feel how warm my hand when it was intertwined with yours?
Tell me,
How do I sleep without your sweet words tuck me into bed?

by MeeraH

I promise you

March 27, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

I will always remember the moment you hug me when my hands were trembling and whisper to my ear
” I will not leave you alone in this dark and cruel world. I promise you.”
Since you promise to never leave my side, I will do the same.
I know promises sometimes are meant to be broken but I hope you and me,
will put efforts to keep our promises to each other.

by MeeraH

You’re the one

March 27, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

You’re the one that hold my hands when I feel like I’m not good enough.
You’re the one that wipe my tears with your handkerchief.
You’re the one that stay far away from me but I know I can still count on you.
You’re the one that I always stretch my hands to reach for you.
You’re the one that I will always remember your name even seasons passed by.
You’re the one that has a smile as glowing as the sky before sunrise.
You’re the one that always wish me to be happy.
You’re the one that is a fan of my poetry and because of you, I be able to write this poetry. For you.

by MeeraH

A letter to the broken souls

February 22, 2018 in Dan lain-lain

Dear Lovely person,
Looking at you just like looking at my own reflection of my soul.
I saw a soul that is broken, melancholy but despite of that still have a little bit of hope.
I feel serene because I find a match for my soul.
But I can’t help to feel hurt for your soul because I know how it’s like going through chaotic and harsh storm.
If I have the chance, I will whisper in your ear,
“We’ll be fine. This is not a promise or certainty, but we will try to be fine together.”
One of the broken souls.

by MeeraH

Sunrise and sunset

February 21, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

Sunrise means a new beginning and a new chance to keep on trying and trying. So greet sunrise with a smile.
Sunset means you’ve survived and you fight all your way through the day. It’s okay to take a little break when you’re done fighting.

by MeeraH

You are adored

February 21, 2018 in Poetry/Puisi

I can say that I adore you.
Every inch of you.
From your awkward smile to your shaking hands.
When I said every inch of you, I mean including all your flaws and your chaos soul.
So darling please with stardust and snowflakes on the top,
I want you to learn that your flaws are adored and you should adore them too.

by MeeraH

She and He, two puzzle pieces that never fit

June 12, 2017 in Poetry/Puisi

the ink stain in your favorite maroon shirt that won’t fade.

the stubborn stain in your heart.

the voice that ringing in your ear at 3 am.

the one that lives in your poems.

the one that leaves your kitchen in a huge mess just like the thoughts in your head.

Your “almost” and always.”

the one that knocked on your front door but was gone when you opened it.

The book lover that adore books way too much.

the one that left just like the wind.

the tangle in your hair.

the one that you wished you can say “I love you and I will never hurt you.” to but you’re a little too late.

the evening wind that caressed your cheeks
And like the wind, you can’t always be with him.
But part of his soul is always be with you.

by MeeraH

To all the high spirit teenage girls.

June 12, 2017 in Poetry/Puisi

When you are 13 years old,
You will learn the phrase “not belong here”
In the noisy classroom, you buried your face on the table.
You are crying silently and no one notice it.

When you are 14 years old,
You wonder why everyone at school seems don’t like you.
To them you’re a freak, an alien.
You run and hide,
That’s the best thing you can do.

When you are 15 years old,
You will learn what love is.
It’s as sweet as your favorite marshmallows until the marshmallows get burned with fire.

When you are 16 years old,
People will make fun when you have a crush on the boy that is one of your classmates.
You are hurting because people make fun of your feelings.

When you are 17 years old,
You will prove to all the people that have doubt in you that they are wrong.
Even you, doubt on yourself but you get through it.

You will turn 18 then you realized you will make mistakes.
A lot of mistakes because adulthood is not easy.
You take the wrong path first before you find the right path.
Remember when you fall down,
don’t take too long to get up.

You are 18 now and you feel like you’re not belong here and people don’t like you.
Fret not because you feel that way too when you are 13 years old.
But you are doing just fine now because eventually, you will find a place that you belong and you don’t need people approval to be yourself.

by MeeraH

Darling, it’s all about people that you love

October 23, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

It’s not about people that said you’re weak.
It’s not about  people that doesn’t care that you need someone to lean on when you’re sad.
It’s not about people that can’t accept your flaws.
It’s not about  people that have doubt in  you.

It’s about people that said you’re strong.
It’s about people that drives for few hours to see you and make sure you’re safe and sound.
It’s about people that see your scars in your wrist and still loves you.
It’s about people that have trust in you.

by MeeraH

A love letter to you, my sunshine.

September 27, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

At night when I was scared, I just look at you sleeping by my side.

Listening to your heartbeat and soft snoring makes me feel safe.

In the morning when I wake up feeling awful and not ready to face the world, I know that I have you.

As I walk down the stairs, I can smell my favorite hot chocolate and hot pancake from the kitchen.

You greet me with your sweet smile and you give me the “you will be okay” look.

I love how you remember the little things that I like.

I love how you know you’re in love with a girl that have a battlefield inside of her and you always make sure that I’m okay.

I never believe in a miracle until you came to my life.

by MeeraH

Fly above the sky

September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

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by MeeraH

He is her star but also he is someone else’s sunshine

September 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

He is her star.

She called him her star not because he is the brightest star or he light up her world.

Simply because she can only see him at night.

He only can be her companion at night.

Because during the day, he is someone else’s sunshine.

But she still loves him, nevertheless.

by MeeraH

A poem dedicated to the lonely soul out there

September 1, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

You’re the sunrise in the morning.

Warm and bright.

You’re a burst of every pastel colour.

Soft and lovely.

You’re the rainbow after rain.

Rare and magical.

You’re the evening wind.

Calm and gentle.


by MeeraH

To my dearest friend

August 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

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by MeeraH

Things I want you to know regarding my depression.

August 13, 2016 in Poetry/Puisi

If I cry in front of you when I tell you about my problem, don’t be panic. I just  want to let out my feelings.

When I push you away for a while, please understand that I still love you but sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

But I also have times when I always want extra care from the people I love. I’m sorry if I come off as a clingy person.

It’s okay if you don’t fully understand my mental illness but please pinky promise me that you always pull my hand when I fall into a black hole.

I’m sorry I can’t be happy and strong when you me told me that.  I swear, I’m trying to be happy and strong but sometimes my depression gets in the way.

Don’t feel bad if you ran out of words to comfort me.  As long you give me the warmest hug and your shoulder for me to lean on,  I’ll be fine.

Even I’m struggling with my own problems,  I don’t  mind if you share your problems with me. I promise,  it won’t burden me.

Because of you,  I’m still holding on until today. Because of you,  my heart is still strong enough to still beating. Once again, I ask you to pinky promise  me that you will stay with me through sunshine and storm.

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