Me and writing.

I’ve been writing for quite some times now (kebanyakannya random stuff je) but I have never put it up where people can publicly read any of it. Some of my writings are in my phone, some in my laptop, sometime I write on a piece of paper which I never kept.

One of the reasons was because I am a low self-esteem person. I want people to read the things I write but I prefer people to not know that I write it. I also like writing about my sad depressing life. Salah satu sebab jugak la aku tak publish any of my writing. Dulu ada jugak acah-acah blogging but I don’t see the point of doing it kalau takde orang baca.

I am glad that I found out about TULIS.CO. Thanks a lot to the founder. Boleh la tulis and tanpa rasa terdedah. Hahaha I don’t even know why I am writing this entry. Consider this my intro la.

Okay, cheers.

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