maybe that’s how it is

It’s like rainfalls, you know. The trickling of droplets on the roof provides you with a soft lullaby as a huge sense of calmness envelopes you slowly, making you feel safe and sound. The quiet chattering of insects indulging themselves in the rain gives you the assurance that the rain is full of happiness and bliss. Naturally, you feel tempted to go out and experience it for yourself.

But a dream is, and always, a dream.

It starts with a startling drop to your face that makes you realize it is not a bliss, but a cold, shuddering, overwhelming scare. By the time your body is soaked and your clothes cling on to your body, you realize that it is too late to go back.

Maybe that’s how it is.

Maybe that’s how falling in love is.

A marine science student who occasionally writes sappy stuff.
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