Maybe Love Wasn’t Meant for Me

I hate myself. I’m always such a screw up when it comes to interacting with other people. Everytime I go someplace new I meet new friends but then as I get to another place, the friends I made before just fades away and I cant connect with them anymore. You get what I’m saying? Yeah I’m a failure.
The only friend that I stayed with, or perhaps that stayed with me, is my best friend, my girlfriend. And now even she has gone away, tired of all my nonsense. I never could make her happy. All I did was make her cry. Until she stopped crying, and stopped caring. I hate myself.
I know I shouldn’t be making excuses like this. It’s my fault to begin with. It’s always my fault. But I’m not even sure I can get it right with a thousand retry. Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. Love exists and is very much real, but it was never meant for me and will never be. Because in the end, I’ll always find a way to fuck things up .
If you, the one who is reading this, have found love then treasure it. Guard it, keep it with you everytime, and most importantly try not to mess it up like I did. Call her at 4am and tell her she’s beautiful. If you’re away from each other then find some time to go to her. And always always ask about her day. Because eventhough love was not meant for me, you still have a shot at this.
Wait, I dont know. Dont take advice from a failure like me.

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