Maybe I am

you look nice
were you at a party
a meeting you say
was it with someone important
I wont ask
too forward
its nice though
the way you made up your face
you look nice
on most days
you look cool

I dare not approach
if not for circumstances
in fear of frostbite
that my fingers would freeze up
and the chill
would climb
slow at first
but surely
as sure as daybreak
peaking above
the event horizon
and into my mouth
I would stutter
known but yet never breathed in life
falling dead and uninteresting.
the most coldest of stares
but look closer
let sound ever so slightly

the smallest of smiles
her mouth curves eternally

and at the edge of her visible world
her light sharp
but warm
behind it all

a fire
energy sparkling
little embers sparking off
into the expanse of space
crackling tinders
mischievous criminality
a plan only she knows
and revels in
and if you perchance guess it
then maybe she’d let you
see the way her mouth
curves in such
plunged the world into eternal
light and darkness
depending on which side was up
and that you were down
for it
her plan
she doesn’t need you though
so skilled is she
verbal games
and mental frames
put side
by side
By side
for comparison
maybe then you’d realize what she was doing
only to be too late
she won
the wager?
who would be first to fall

but the game is rigged
never has she been so sound of step
as when she entered the game
even before you realised
you’re courted

 you face plant onto the floor
but you cant help it
because its all a game
and the most you can hope for
is to be allowed this brief moment
to play
and so you fall
to catch a glimpse
of what made the world stop
and stare

Her hands deftly flick
A paintbrush
Painting the sky
With cloud wisps
Satin sunsets
And star formations

You cant help but wonder
How is it that worlds and realities
Simply emanate from her
Like a super nova
One by one
A star, a planet
A life a live
And breathing

While you stand there and watch
With the only thing inside you
A black hole
From which nothing escapes
Maybe thats why you’ve gained weight
You stand there
And watch her take on many lives
Reincarnations yet all at the same time
You stand there

I'm here.
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