Mantra : Fuck it !

Bicara tentang kau, all I need is to recall back the weekend we’d spent together. You came all the way from Damansara via train just to ride the same train with me. 2 hari sebelum, i did asked if you will wear shirt for our next outing but knowing you – I know that you won’t. So, there you are, dengan t-shirt chocolate and black jeans pair with green high cut Converse. Or is it a black Converse that had worn out?

I notice your fingers .. it is not muscular but rather dainty. I wonder how can someone who work in a kitchen can have such finger? But your palm is bigger than mine. It’s .. spacious. Then your skin, a pale white. Almost Edward Cullen kinda pale. Your lashes, tak tebal tapi lentik, then your eyes .. a hazelnut brown and if I stare long enough – he’ll be death of me. And then your hair, you often tied it in a bun. So, there you go, a full description about a man who I tried to write about.

We had our lunch in KLCC food court. dia makan dengan tertib but fast. I barely hear clicking noise from his cutlery. Or is it because it was too noisy there? Dia bukan jenis yang duduk di meja makan after finish eating and had a small chat before we leave the table .. no, he is not. Settle makan, up he go. Didn’t he know we need to make our tummy comfortable before start walking again?

In cinema, for first 10 minutes he didn’t make any attempt to hold my hand which I know he will .. soon. And yes, he did. I can feel his palm is wider than mine, and I kinda enjoying it. Gerak tubuh dia, aku tahu what’s gonna happen next. He’ll bring my hand to his chest, and slowly to his lips and that happened accurately. While our fingers are still intertwined, he placed it on his lap. I lay my head on his shoulder. I don’t know why, but it feels right to do so. He caresses my arm with his right hand. I feel an instant love which I know the feeling is only the ghost of my old lover.

After the movie, we decided to proceed to Pavilion. He still holding my hand and I feel safe to walk besides him. You know what’s the romantic side? We walk under the rain. Movie much isn’t it?

He then accompanied me to Kajang and we watch Brooklyn 99 together. Damn Jack Perarlta and Captain Holt got me hooked. We both enjoying the movie while standing in the train and firmly holding hand. I really mentioned a thousand times right about holding hand. Yeah, average time we spent together are all involve holding hands.

You know, kita dua ada background yang berbeza and I know we wont last long either. But fuck it, life can turns up side down in less than nano second if it meant to be so we’ll see where this is going.

2 strangers met via internet trying to indulge their not-so teenage life by creating love within themselves.

I thought I vocalize my trouble but nobody were listen.
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