Man with Ocean Heart

It’s twelve at midnight
A man lying on his bed
With a hole on his chest
No hope, no dreams, no more love

So he took a walk through the night
Down the street, up on the sunset boulevard
Miles and miles away from home
Where the lights dimmed

On a rock he sat and thought,
“Lonely night, miserable bloke, is there a hope?”
And there he saw the ocean glazing
Under the moonlight stroll

She walked to the man in her beautiful blue dress
Thinking why there’s a hole on his chest
Looks like he barely hanging on
So she gave him her smile

He glanced at her pretty face
Wondering is she another drill
“No worry dear beau, I’m here to fix you
You found me and so this love’s for you”

There she kneel patching his dream
With soft touch and loving tease
She promised she won’t leave
As his hole started to fill and now he’s smiling

It’s twelve at midnight
A man lying on his beach
With heart-shaped bandage on his chest
Full of hope, full of dream, full of ocean’s loving

A passive aggressive.
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