Make Her Halal

I gotta make her halal first
Before my hands run through that chest of hers
I want to embrace her tanned skin
And taste her tendered flesh within

But I gotta make her halal first
Before I get to quench my thirst
So before her I kneel
And for me, she goes head over heel

Now that she is halal, we can be together
And I can do whatever I want to her
With one thing in my mind
I want to make her body and flesh mine

Our first night, joyously I hymn
As I butcher her, limb by limb
From her hands, to her thigh
Wait? Think I heard her cry

Now that she is halal, I can finally eat
With more parts of her in the fridge
I always know her dark skin hides treasure
Halal food is such a pleasure!

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