Makam Mahsuri

A piece of legend tucked between the honorable mountains and seas of green,
Willowing traditional music wafted through the soft wind,
Crickets and birds bellowed marking their existance,
Yet calmness plagued the mausoleum in complete silence

From music to theatre, it spoke of the legendary beauty,
Whose story became folklore and tied names with the island,
For it was said she cursed the land for seven generations in pity,
For the folks own fault in rushed blame and injustice stand

This place where stood her humble abode and nearby hoods,
Reflect the scene of the village life once upon a time,
Of society and it’s structure and even the material goods,
Symbolising the culture of well spoken and mannered tribe

Seven generations as legend has it, overpasses,
Lifting the curse and prosperity hit the land,
Over the birth of a girl who was treated a princess,
Yet still visit her ancestor who was buried in this land.

Rhyming's my curse.
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