Loving you is loving me

I’ve been so depressed these days. I’ve been thinking about the “whys” and “hows” of life. Trying to firgure out what’s really going on and then I realized that I’m living my days with you and sometimes without you. But here’s the most interesting part. I always have a part of you in me.

Your stories,
Always remind me that we can never give up in life. They will pull us down entirely. You will breathe in the depth of the ocean and then drown. But you got to swim back to the shore. You need to save yourself. I saw how you save your life. I really do adore you love. Anyways, learning you is the best part of life.

Your gestures,
I know you always go all timid with environment. I always love seeing you be so all defensive when someone just say something for fun. You showed me that at times we can go all “cray” but there are times most of the time where you got to just pull that straight face and be clear about it. Stand on your own feet.

Your mind,
When you always think of the future. What it should be, how it should be with you and your family and I don’t know if I’m still in your plan or not but it’s fine. As long as you put your family as your priority, I’m glad to call you a lover. My lover.

Your heart,
When you feel the same thing. Share the same feels with empathy. I think that is the most beautiful thing. I saw how you love. It’s generous. You have the biggest heart when it comes to love. With your friends, you mom your dad, cousins and even to the old folks. I saw how you care and make them laugh. You taught me how a single honest smile could make a huge differences in life.

So, here is the lesson that I gain from you. Loving you is like one of the lesson in life. When I feel you, I talk to you, match my mental emotional state, when I see your reaction, all of these gestures are the learning process for me. To reflect life, to educate myself, to become a better person when I see the best of people. To be honest, I didn’t regret when I swipe right for you. I’m glad I said hi to you. I’m thankful that I loved and still love you. Loving you is like loving me. Because the best of you taught me to be a better person.

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