Sometimes I do wonder,

“I wish I have a guy who would love me and I would love him”


Sometimes I do wonder,

“Am I just not good enough to be loved?”


But these days I am being loved when :

In the office when I had a hard time, “Are u okay?” can be heard.

When I’m still at my desk working late than the usuals, “Is there still more to do?” can be heard.

When the bus is nearly full and the bus coordinator ask people in the bus to make more space and gestured me to enter the bus with a warm smile.

When I have a hard day and my friend would lend me their ears to listen to me rant.

When I still haven’t reached home, “Ting!” my screen phone has “Mom:U’re not home yet?” can be seen.

Alot more than that.




I'm writing down my own emotions hope for people out there feels the same way & does not feel lonely.
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