Love – Real Talk

Ever since little we’ve been bombarded about stories of Disney’s princess and the tale of Romeo and Juliet;

Of how love is this great energy, force, or power that transcends all thing we can understand.

Of how we should spend our lives searching for this gift we’ve born to find;

Only to realise real world fairy tale and happy endings are not that kind.


Its funny how we keep on telling ourselves how much humanity had advanced as a species:

But everyday I see more and more people deprive of their basic needs.

We go online posting pictures, writing captions trying to get validation;

Don’t mind been called rude or vain as long as we got people’s attention.


This emptiness in the heart has been growing non-stop;

Like a bubble growing I know one day this feeling will make my head pop.

I’m connected to a thousand people but somehow the void still there,

How to close it if the teacher didn’t teach me that in 101 class yesterday.


“You’ll find the perfect one someday” people have been telling me;

It will be all gardens and flowers like Eden in your backyard on HD.

The first look you will know because Cupid put a signage on her,

And it won’t be long before both of you vow to be with each other.


Then the years go by and you make kids and be happy;

But every day I see the one’s that do keep hitting the people that’s supposed to be their family.

Kids nowadays keep on seeing their parents fight and split up,

And somehow they expect their kids to grow up without being a fuck up.


Being honest with you all of this is making me really terrified,

To be more honest with you It’s not the first time I feel that it’s better to just die.

Walking corpse with an empty heart at every corner,

God please give me and everyone the strength and let today pass sooner.



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