Love letters to you (part 1)

It was a Sunday afternoon. I was listening to Khalid when he called me to come to bed. I was doing my work and I know I shouldn’t but I just couldn’t resist joining him. His body felt so warm pressed up against me, his hands on the small of my back, his breath on my forehead as I rest my head on his neck. The stillness of it all. The view of the tree branches shaking outside through the window panes. It felt like we were the only two people on earth. I looked up to see his face and just took it all in. I ran my fingers through his brows, down his nose until it came across his lips and stopped there. He opened his eyes and looked at me and all I could see was love. It felt like all this time, I’ve been searching for a place where I belong and I’ve finally found it. Here, on his bed, cradled in his arms as he gazed down at me.

Is this what they call love?

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