I’m looking for somebody
That I can call my other half
He doesn’t need to have muscular calves,
Or a chiselled jawline with cheekbones so dreamy
As long as he is pleasant to my eyes
Looks good wearing glasses or without it
Has good manners, won’t resort to telling me white lies
I will love him whole, from his hard edges to his cuddly bits.

I’m looking for someone, my bene elim
Who I can dedicate the song “Somebody” by Depeche Mode
Martin Gore had sung all that I want to say to him
But still I wrote this because I’m in love & am plain bored
He will be my rock and my pillow
And I will share to him what makes me mellow
I will tell him about my favourite books and songs
And other things that make and break me
I really hope he feels at ease with me
He can be vulnerable when he doesn’t feel like being strong
I won’t judge him for that, but will embrace him tight
Kiss his cheeks & tell him that things will be alright.

I’m looking towards the day
We will be living under the same roof
And hopefully in a house that is soundproof
So I can loudly declare my love for you in the hallway
With no worries that the neighbours will hear.

I can’t wait for the days that we will spend
Holding hands, giving warm hugs,
The tender & rough kisses, passionate tugs
And we will do it everyday till the end
Of our ephemeral lifespans so we will have no regrets.

I know that love is never meant to be easy
And I know that all of us has an ugly side
The pride and ego that we must learn to cast aside
If we want things to work out fine, baby
Should I ever make you mad and want to walk away
Remember the good old times that we had and that we have come a long way.

I think I’ve found that somebody
I think I can stop looking around
He came back into my life unexpectedly
He shows me that my capacity of loving knows no bounds
Thanks to you, I found joy in my old passions
From reading to writing and finding gems in everyday compassion
You are the breath of fresh air
Also my refuge, the seasoned chair
And I will love you as long as you are with me
My sayang, my lover, my baby.

Astra castra, numen lumen.
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