Long time no write

As I type,
glances of my own features reflect itself in the dark pane of the notebook screen
clean features, if somewhat messy
hair disheveled eyes framed dark with heavy bags hanging loosely
I wore earrings today.
No particular reason. I just felt like I wanted to feel a bit prettier
It didn’t work tho
my lips were coloured in
a shade of pink bordering to nude
just to bring a bit of colour to a solemn, pale face
you could be fair, and pale and still considered beautiful
but then, I’m dark .. but pale.
shit man
lizard’s shit has nicer colours
my legs won’t stop moving.
restless leg syndrome
my body moves with it
My head is filled with everything and nothing all at the same time
How is that possible tho?
I don’t know.
But it is
Too much to think about.
Too much to ignore
see, these thoughts are like bees
It’s bloody difficult to ignore one
Ultimately impossible to ignore a whole hive of them
My head’s like a hive now
so many busy working bees
I look tired
So tired
when will this all end
can this all just end
why can’t this all end
why am I still here?

I write nonsense, really. None of it makes any sense
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