Long term

I never believed in long term relationships.

Sure, they exist, just like things such as endless money or life without hardships.

I don’t think everyone should make it a goal to make sure a relationship should last a long time for it to be valuable or to be considered as a happy relationship. What happened to loving or committing to a person to just be happy? To live life with the person in the moment?

One day, just one moment, one night, you or your partner will realize, this won’t work out.

It’s scary I know. But that’s okay.

One day you’re married to the perfect person and what you have together is wonderful. Months turn to years and you have children who you love. The next morning, you just, want to part. I mean, if it’s because you love someone else, okay. If its because you fight and its unhealthy for the kids, okay. Leave, move on.

The reason toxic relationships unfold is because both of you hold tight to the idea that this has to work and if it doesn’t, what’s the point? What if I told you it doesn’t always has to end with both of you together until you die? What if I told you the person you’re with right now, is just a chapter in your life and flipping to another page will be better for both of you?

Here’s another thing, death. Holding on to the idea that you have to live together forever, is, not realistic.

There is no harm to be sad, mourn. However, don’t think you don’t deserve to be happy with someone else.

I might be wrong, I might be negative towards relationships, I might be selfish, I might be unsure.Maybe I’m writing this out of fear.

I’ve seen people become the best versions of themselves because they ended a good relationship to be alone or be with other people. I’ve seen people be in a 2 month relationship and it did wonders on how they see themselves. To love is natural, to commit is a choice. Just don’t force yourself to stay when you know, it just doesn’t work out.

At night I think, at day I dream. In between i live.
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