Little story ( Part 1 )

Hi. Just let me confess something.
Ok, let’s say I was an engineering student back in Secondary school – Form 4&5. So technically, I studied Physic, Chemistry & Addmaths – the killer subjects , yeah. And I hate those subjects. Lol I remember when I said to my chemistry that I won’t take any courses in university that relate to chemistry – the worst science stream subject ever. Oh, lets say that i actually meant the whole sciences! Plus, I actually bad in Engineering Drawing subject too. I failed it in my first exam in Form 4 – 37%. And get a lot worse in mid exam and the worst is i thought i was getting better! – 18% HAHAHA However, I was improving my self a little bit. from failing i managed to get D and C. See? I was such a terrible student. Curious my chem, physic & addmaths? Cut it short, never passed my chem, managed to pass my addmaths for once & my physic stayed D/E. Haha! But I was quite good in maths. I love maths- not addmaths. (Pssstt, i also never get A in exam, paling tinggi B je heh ) Bla bla bla.
And there is it. My SPM result came out. I got 4A-, 1B + , 1B, 2D & 1E. Ok i was shocked that time! I mean like wow I got B in Engineering Drawing. i could prove to my E.D teacher that I could be better! And yeap, I did it! Actually, I found it the paper was quite easy lah that time. I remember I said to my teacher.
“Teacher, I think I was doing good just now! It’s quite easy!” Said the excited me. “So, can you get B for me?” Asked my teacher, thought of challenging me. The happy me replied yesssuee.
Then I was home thinking back those conversations I had with my teacher. I mean, like why didn’t she just challenge me to get A? Why B? Did she doubt me? I thought. I just nevermind, whatever. Malas nak fikir. So yeap, just like she targeted me, I got B. Hahahaha honestly that time i could not be more happier! I guess my teacher was right. She knew my capabality . I couldn’t get an A, but I was grateful & happy enough. Alhamdulillah 😉
-To be continued –

in the other side, i feel hopeless.
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