(Little birdy, let’s) put the records on

I love you in all hues in the monochrome

In the Youtube recommendations on my favourite desktop in the department computer lab; your old songs covers back home six years ago, of rough stringy guitars that more often than not cut off in the middle and high notes belted unpolished (I hit replay anyway)

On the Facebook statuses in which I talk about you as if we are old friends; because it feels nothing but, silly coincidences, never ending surprises and all (Let me deludes myself for a while)

At two hours past midnight when I miss you the most, for few months ago I stay awake just for your shenaningans that I sometimes sleep through and waking up just to wonder if they are mindless dream (They are as real as you)

I love you in all colors that you outshine

Tonight you sing of three little birds, telling you not to worry; I wonder if you know that you are them for me

Tonight you tell us to put the records on; I want to tell you that you are my favourite song

Tonight you wish that we get our dreams; I decide to believe again like when I was fourteen


someday somewhere somehow
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