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2018 has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I feel like it’s been here forever. As a matter of fact, it’s still here. Here’s a recap on my 2018. Earlier this year, it was pretty good. Nothing oh so significant. Getting in to 2018, so many things happened. Good one and the bad one. Mostly, it’s the bad one. My family experienced a fall out. To be frank, I want the fall out to happen. For real. Seperate for good. I self harmed. It was heartbreaking as I’m now constantly battling with the razor than the real world. I need help. Actually, I did seek help but the blame was put on me. I guess razor it is. I got shaky. One of my closest friend suddenly became very distant. Maybe it was me. Maybe I’m the toxic friend. Experienced the stab in the back type of situation. My verdict on it? Fun. As the days went by, I’ve found myself a part time job. Went very roughly in the beginning but things started to get easier. Tiring? Hell, every job in this world is tiring. Especially if it the job involves customer service. Anyways, juggling work and studies aint that easy but guess what I pulled through! Weekends spent not going back home. Not that I have actual home to go back to. After going through so many battles and hardships, having a part time job while studying, I still managed to get myself a 4pointer this semester. Damn proud of this pathetic little self. I just want to say, to each their own. Some have it easier. Some have to struggle a little bit but NEVER EVER dismissing their battles. Don’t be saying that someone else has it worse. Don’t. Go look out for the closest people in your life. They might be struggling. They probably need a hug or two. Or a simple uplifting words. I guess that’s it.

I write whenever I feel like writing, which is not all the time.
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